Saturday, February 23, 2008

Diving at Papua New Guinea

There is a small island named Loloata(,147.29054&z=16&t=h&hl=ja )next to Port Moresby Papua New Guinea, which is owned by a person who developed this small island as a whole resort facility.

He had installed power generator for electricity supply, water circulation system (collecting rain water into the tank and purify it for cooking , drinking, bathing use etc.), built several lodge style customer rooms, dive shops, diving boats for divers, boat taxi, employees house, and promenade around island etc.

It is available a flight once in a week by Air Niuguini from Narita to PortMoresby, which means, if it does not fly with some reason, we must stay there one more week, sounds nice, isn't it.

According to frequent Papua travelers, there are some more islands like this around Papua New
Guinea, it exists the paradise which is not gorgeous, but unaffected comfortable space.

This is my 3rd time to visit for diving with my diving colleagues mostly from Tokyo, every time it does not betray our expectation, where you can see a lots of corals, thousands of tropical fish, sank ships, in the water, it is really another world.

Every year, before going to this island, someone says 'hey, why don't we change the spot to dive other than this remote isle, there must be existed more exciting place' , however, after discussing several candidate, such as Saipan, Philippine, normally it get back to this island, saying it is not sophisticated living, but people there have been waiting for us, let's get back to them at least this year.

And this is our third time.

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