Sunday, February 3, 2008

For enrichment of QOL

My name is Hiroaki Mitsui

When I reached age 65, it was found myself that I am not young anymore to do everything without any planning. My parents got old, they even need nursing and help, their way of life tells something to me, such as what makes me satisfy to live, what is fun in everyday life, what should I do tomorrow etc.
They keep saying that we must die before age 80, since they don’t see any value in further life, no fun, no satisfaction tomorrow, and the most sad fact is they never know when they pass away.
It must be my life precursors, OK , what was lacking for the satisfied life ?

I made a list the things what I really want to do, what I want to try but could not with various reasons. It was my what to do inventory list, and they were sorted into 3 categories.

1st category: IT related work. Since I had worked in IT industry, and after retirement from US based IT company, I established e-Market Service venture company to be supported by several IT venture capital. Unfortunately, as soon as it was started the business, IT bubble was blown up, I had no choice to give up e-Market biz.
It was down sized, and restarted IT consulting company, now, it is not big but stable condition.
IT environment, especially Web related business and technology is the most interesting area for me, it is really exciting to watch their movement, such as Google, Yahoo, Amazon, and Wiki etc.
I want to be close to the front line of those IT biz, I want to be a watcher of the technology.

2nd category: Volunteer activity. When I was working for US IT company, I made many trips to Asian and Pacific countries to work together with local people, I thought if possible I want to provide some support to those people or countries.
Time is now, I am doing Foster parent of a kid in Cambodia, we communicate each other with a letter which is not often, but I must continue until he is grown up. Some day, we can meet.
Another fun to work as a volunteer, I am one of the member to help old people’s nursing problem, last two years, we published help book with various kind of information which was gained through our own experience of nursing, study result of helpers for old people, information guidance of our nursing and support law etc.
It is now this book was open on the web.

3rd category: Enjoy life matters. I was grown up in the town of Osaka, I was not sea goers but it was my surprise I found I like sea, and any kind of activity related sea.
Scuba diving is fun, every year, we go to southern warm island such as Papua Newguinia, Saipan, Okinawa, Puket in Thailand, Balli in Indonesia etc.
What is fun to dive, various activities are enjoyed by scuba divers, such as taking photo of colorful fish, corral, undersea landscape, but I enjoy it’s non-gravity world.
I just satisfied to get into diving and being still under water floating as it goes.

Two years ago, I moved from Tokyo to current town facing Yacht harbor, my condo is in 9th floor, it is seen whole harbor view, in summer time, breakfast is taken in the terrace to watch yacht and boat coming and going from the pier.
Fortunately, I could join one of the guest crew of nice yacht, they invite me once in a month to sail in Osaka bay.

We sometimes talk with my wife when we released from the nursing of my parents, we must move to some Asian seashore for 2-3 months when it is cold winter in Japan.

In this blog, I would like to introduce how my life is fulfilled with fun in those 3 categories respectively.


Marty said...

Hllo, Mitsui-san ! And how are you doing?

I just accessed your newly issued blog and it gave me great impression.
You are very positive to enrich your life in three ways that you categorized.
I would like to share some part of your enjoyment.
Please continue a blog for a long time as much as possible.

Hiro Mitsui said...

Tomorrow, we are leaving to Panua New Guinea with only direct flight from Narita to Portmoresby which operates once in a week.
Which means, if we miss with any reason the flight from there to Tokyo, we have to stay one more week to get back.
Loloata island is the place to stay, it is a small island, where they have only facility of the hotel cottages.
Since this is our third time to visit, we know most of emploees, we call first name bases each other,that is comfitable.
We will report the days in Loloata
soon, after returning, they don't have internet.

Marty said...

Am looking forward to having your report from Loloata island.
Hope you will have a pleasant stay there.

Marty said...
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