Sunday, June 29, 2008

Diving in Philippine

In Feb this year, we went to Papua Newguinia for diving, 3 months after, we can not resist the temptation of south sea life, my diving colleague said how about going to Philippines.
I have been visited several times, but never dived, so that I replied why not.
Philippine is consisted with over 7100 isles and islands.
This time we went to Bohole island, more correctly, Panglao island which is very tiny isle attached to Bohole with two bridges.
Bohole is the 10th largest island in Philippine, island capital located in Tagbilaran city, maybe you can not imagine where it is.
You ever heard of Cebu Island which is famous with it's diving spot, and more than that, it is the island where Magellan, yes the person who made a round world trip the first time from Portugal, was killed in this island.
At the time they reached to Cebu, one of interpreter in a vessel could communicate to the bribes with Malay language, which means those original people were from Malay.
It is proven when seeing a boat we chartered was out-rigger boat with 5 crews was exactly the same with the one in Indonesia.
In Indonesia, it is called Sabani, interestingly, it is exactly same name in Okinawa Japan.
This facts tells this out-rigger boat is the common transportation tool amongst in south Asian countries. Isn't it romantic to imagine this small boat carried ancient people to whole south pacific islands including Australia, Hawaii, and possibly South America.

Bohol is just in front of Cebu, our diving tour was started from Cebu where we flied in from Tokyo, our diving boat left Cebu beach to Bohol, on the way, we dived 3 times. In the early evening, we could land Alona beach in Panglao isle of Bohol.
Hotel was not nice, but restaurant in the village was good enough, such as sea-food BBQ, German food restaurant was our surprise it was really good. Owner, who is German, said every food is imported from his mother country.

Every day, in the early morning we left the isle, we had two dives in the morning, sometime, we had BBQ on the boat, food was of course a sea food, once they served jack fish, it was big, and good. I missed soy sauce.
Water was warm, we enjoyed tropical fish with a lots of reef and coral, it was fun to stay 4 days there.
On a last day, and the last moment when we get off the boat, saying good bye and thanks to the crew members, one of our colleague failed to land and hit ankle, and later, it was found broken.
It was unlucky, but it became really unforgettable tour with this accident, since all of us paid our best effort to bring this colleague back to Tokyo with unbelievable team work.


WTW said...

Yes, they are related to the Indonesians, have many same words in Tagalog and bahasa Indonesia, like kambing means goat in both languages

Hiro said...

Recent gene (DNA) study tells Japanese rice (Rice Japonica) had been believed it is from south coast of China, but it's origin is from Indonesia through Philippine.
This proves people and culture are from Indonesia or Malay.