Friday, September 19, 2008

My Foster Child

My foster child is in Kampong cham, Cambodia.
It was two years ago when I took Kor as my Foster child, he was 8 years old.
Recently, he sent me his recent photo, as shown, two years made him much manly appearance.
I never visited this country so far, since it was existed some difficultly to travel freely in Cambodia because of various dangers, such as land mines.
So many people got damage by land mines, main victims were kids, how cruel are they do you know, it kills people of course, but more than that, it blow away their feet, hands etc.
Why kids are main victims ? UN peace support team established a lots of signs showing and telling dangerous area, despite most of kids can not read Khmer(their mother tang) character.

This kind of human mines were produced in some country, and it is reported still kept exporting to the disputing area in the world.
Mankind had experienced so many battles and war games in every corner of the Earth for long time, but it looks we have never learned a lesson.
I can not stop war, nor telling those countries to stop producing this kind of cruel weapons, in stead, I would like to extend my hands supporting to those who need help.

Let me tell you about my foster child, Kor, who is 3rd grade of primary school, it takes 30 min walk from his home. Family is self sufficient with farming foods.

There is no toilet in the house, they go for open air. It is started some support project to let their community to build toilet facility.
In Kor's Area, there are 4 communities, each community developed only one primary school.
It is implemented several projects to support those 4 communities, which are
- Training for adolescents on reproductive health
- Activities to raise awareness of the importance of education
- Support for educational and recreational events with children
- Construction of school latrines
- Agricultural training for farmers

I am positive to have those projects to the community, not only supporting person or family.
I have a dream that some day, I will visit Kor's family and his community to see how it goes well, but I don't know when.

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Willem said...

Nice to help these children. Hpe that his whole family will do well.
It's great to be able to support directly so that most or all of your money goes to the child.
I hope you soon can visit and see by yourself