Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Diving in Fiji

Every year in Feb. our silver aged diving colleagues went to southern islands, we have been to Papua New guinea for last 3 consecutive years.
But this year, we changed the place to Fiji, since the operation manager in Papua has gone, so that we can not expect such service when she was there.

And more than that, I strongly insisted to visit Fiji where is my long time holding dream to come.
when I was in school days, I read a book which is about the traveling essay visiting around southern islands, such as Tahiti, Tonga, Fiji, etc.
In this story for Fiji, it was told there is only trading company running by Japanese organization, whose name is Banno. They were very well accepted by Fiji people since they purchase sugar cane from local Fiji and refine sugar with very good condition.
For local people, it is the only way to gain cash selling sugar cane to Banno. Banno sells daily commodities to them in stead.
It was said in this book that Name Banno was equal to Japanese people, and which means rich and trust worthy people, they were well respected.
I was impressed this story and I made up my mind to join this company when I graduate.
Last summer of the school days, I searched Banno, but unfortunately, they did not have a plan to hire new graduates.
I did not give up, I tried to find some way to reach company higher management through some one who is influential to them. Yes, I found the person after all.
And they provide me a chance to test, and interview, where I made strong appeal to them my dream to work for the company and for Fiji people.
I was hired. How I was happy, how I dreamed to live in Fiji.
But I was not there, never visited there.

It is not romantic at all, reality for the life was all.
One day, my close friend said to me, ' How about getting hiring exam. of IBM with me, they provides travel expense and lunch fee for every applicants, you have nothing to lose, why not just enjoy days pay.' ' Yes, it is fool not to'  
As a result, I was accepted and was offered a job in IBM Japan, but I did not think I would apply.
My regent professor called me one day asking what was my way to work, I replied, I was offered a job from IBM, but I am going to choose Banno as I determined.
He surprised to hear this answer, and asked if I know what kind of company IBM is, I said no idea. He explained what it is, how big, how advanced, how bright the future of it's product.
Finally, he said, 'you must wake up for the reality, think about salary, and your future life, you can not survive eating a dream.'
He made success to turn me down.

Fiji people was nice, they always kept smiling whenever we saw each other, they say, 'Vula' (Hello) to us at any occasion.
I felt in peace, I was comfortable, I felt this is my place to live.

I can not tell which was the best way to wake up for reality, or I should be shared the life with Fiji people. I am still under a charm of them.


Anonymous said...

It was nice to see your blog which is Fiji Island this time. All the photographs are so beautiful, especialy, Blue fish in the coral.

Is Fuji belongs to England? Since I see Union Jack flag.

There are lot of Japanese who made their top in Foreign country which made local people respect Japanese.

We have lot of Japanese Baseball player in U.S.A.who does such a good job which we really proud of as Japanese, and hopefully those does not use drugs in their future.

in U.S.A.

Yosuke Maeda said...

There is a difference in the description regarding Banno between Japanese and English version...

The English version seems to me more plausible than of the Japanese.