Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Drawings of my foster child

My Foster child, Kor, sometimes send me a drawing.
It was three years ago I started to accept him a foster child, he was the 1st grade of primary school, at that time he gave me his drawing, which was just a ball and marbles, but now he is in 3rd grade, and he draws his mother and himself.
What a progress, as you see.
I have two kids who are both grown-up, over age 30, I don't recall the days when they are 3rd grade in primary school.
Maybe, I left them to my wife fully to take care, while she was tied up every day with them, I had been working until late, no Saturday, no dine with family.
Still today, my kids joke sometimes they were grown up in a family without father.
How was their drawings ? I have no idea, no memory of drawings, but the drawings from Kor, it is a kind of hint to imagine how the drawings of my kids were.
I guess watching and talking to Kor should be a compensation for my absence from raising my own kids. It is why my wife does not show any interest in foster.
Fortunately, my son has much to learn from the bad example set by me as a father, he looks a good father for his kids.

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