Sunday, October 18, 2009

Diving at small isle 'Hatsushima'

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In the beginning of Oct. we went to a small isle named 'Hatsushima' , about 6.2miles from Atami city where is famous hot spring, once this was Mecca of honeymooners and it is one hour train ride from Tokyo.It is 2.8 miles around, you can walk through with 40min, population is 243 peoples.
Hatsushima is very old isle which was appeared in the history 14th
century reported officially there are 14 houses.
In 1830 it was reported
they increased family houses up to 41, since then, they have kept 41 family houses until today.
It was established a rule, they don't increase family houses over 41, due to limited water supply and farming field. Today, half of them are runningB&B type lodging business for tourists.
Their village is supported by touring business and fishing, fisher man's association established diving shop and facility to increase visitors, it looks successful.

Oct 3rd was Sat. , a hundreds ofholiday divers landed from Atami Port, from where it takes 20min cruise.
One and only Diving house was crowded as subway station in rush hour, but in the water it was worse, diving point is limited, everybody
goes into the same spot.
There are more divers than fish in the bottom.
The worst thing was weather, water temperature was 73.4F and atmospheric temperature was also the same. it was cold. This was my first time to dive in such cold sea.

Not only the temperature, but also the weather, typhoon is coming, high wave rough movement at the sea surface. When seeing rough waves it looks impossible to get in.
But in the water, it was calm, a lots of fishes, soft corral, always it is wonderful world, especially
what impressive for me was soft corral swinging at the sea bottom, can you imagine sea temperature was 73F.

Fish is different from southern sea where there are so many colorful tropical ones
, but it looks no good to eat, but here, we see fishes we normally eat at home or at Sushi shop.
Isn't nice to see bunch of edible fishes shoaling around us in the water.

Here is the video , can you tell which is me, who wear yellow fins, yellow gloves, and yellow goggle.

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