Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rota island in Guam

This summer in Japan had been soooo hot, even in Sep. it is continuing. I was said in southern island of North Mariana is much cooler than Japan, I could not resist this word and visited Rota.
Rota island, which is in between Guam and Saipan,I have been to Saipan a few times for diving, but I had no idea Rota is so close to Guam, small two prop-engine air plane took us there within 20 min. from Guam.
It was true it's cool,especially in the morning, and evening, we don't need air conditioner. They joked, once, people form Japan visited here searching warmth in winter season, but this year, they come in search of cool in summer.
I started diving in 1990, but could not go dive so often because of my busy working, after retiring from the company, say last 4-5 years, I went dive regularly, twice or more every year.
Divers have their reason to go dive, such as, searching tropical fish, enjoy seafloor topography like under water cave, looking and getting in sunken ship.
I am not any of them, but I want to have experience of weightlessness,
sometimes called neutral buoyancy.
To have perfect neutral buoyancy is difficult, whenever I am in the water, always thinking or caring the circumstances, like, residual air, water depth, watching my colleagues, looking for the things interesting ,etc., throw everything away, and concentrate myself to be alone to keep neutral buoyancy without move my fin, after all, it is said it reach to the perfect stillness.  In this condition, person goes up a little when breath in, and down with breath out, at this moment we can feel like float out from gravity.
When reaching to the perfect non gravity condition, it is said we can have diving epiphany.
This is the experience report of some diver in USA telling how relaxing it was.

This time in Rota, I tried to reach diving epiphany,but not perfect.
However, it was very relaxing experience, I would like to make it next time.

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Anonymous said...

Moshi moshi Hiro San,nice dive pics,my wife is from Rota,Im retired NAVY and live in the states in the south.Take care