Saturday, November 6, 2010

My kid in Cambodia

My foster kid in Cambodia ,Kor, is now 12 years old, it has passed 4 years when he gets be my kid.
Our contributed money goes to Kampong Cham village to carry out several predetermined projects not directly to my foster child.
Some foster parents complain this way of fund usage, since they want to be more close to their foster kids.
They say "I would like to be involved more deeply to my foster child to help his/her daily needs."
But I don't agree this opinion, it can not be fair,since there are so many children in the village who need help but not all of them can not be our foster children.
Isn't it a good idea to support to improve whole of village life  as follows.

Projects it was planned so far are
-Support more children and adults on disaster preparedness and response
-Raise the understanding of young people and parents about adolescent health and HIV/AIDS
-Build more village preschools and more playgrounds in response to the existing need
-Construct more school latrines and wells both at schools and in the villages
-Promote loan and saving activities among our families and train more farmers about better method to grow rice
-Improve more understanding about bad consequences of violence against children both ant home and school
-Encourage activities to better school health

It is reported a voice from kids in the village as
 "I'm glad that I can continue my schooling because I received scholarship package. My family is very poor. I would not have been able to continue my study without the scholarship . It really encouraged me as a girl. Thanks to sponsors for the support.(14 years girl)"

 "I'm happy to see our villagers join hands to build fence our my school in order protect school property and prevent us form possible harms. The fence also helps keep our school clean"
(11 years boy)

Through this way of support, we can communicate to assigned foster kid, watch his growth and maybe some day, we will meet there.

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