Sunday, March 6, 2011

I was taken to a rapid ocean stream

I was a last person to get into the water from the boat, we were supposed to be together at the bottom, before reaching to the bottom, I found my colleague failed to sink down, and was taken by strong ocean current, it was rapid and he missed to grab an anchor rope. I followed him to catch and help dive quick.
However, ocean stream was so rapid, I caught him but both of us were washed away and found we are away from the boat.
I made up my mind to give up diving into the water and get up to the surface to swim back,since we can not see in the water where  the boat is.
We saw the boat which looks very small already, at this moment, nobody in the water or on the boat noticed we are floating on the water surface. I hit airing button to supply air fully into BC(buoyancy compensator) and shouted to my colleague to do the same.
Now we are floating, I waved and waved to the boat, shouting is no use since it was too far to reach our voice to them.
Suddenly I found my BC is leaking the air from the neck of alternative air tube, usually,while I am in the water, I don't rely much on BC to ascend, so that I have never noticed this malfunction.
It was found at the worst timing. Frankly speaking there was  fear, but we have enough air in the tank at least it contain one more hour, only my concern was how to let people on the boat know we are here.
We have nothing to do but waving our hands.
Finally captain found us, I was relieved to hear the engine of raft started.

Feb. is the month of our diving tour every year, this tour was 6th in the last consecutive years,and average age of the members are over 65. I secretly named grandpa/granny divers club.
Last two years were in Fiji, and this time we revisit Papua again.
It was the most Eastern part of Papua, Aloata, and was developed a nice diving resort by Australian, named ECO Tawali resort.
It is really a far from Japan, but the area is not infested by various divers and it is appealing point.

This year, it must be unforgettable diving tour for me because of frightening experience.
As soon as I am back, needless to say, I sent my diving gear to the manufacture to check and have maintenance throughly.

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Ed said...

Hiro, sounds like you had a very eventfull dive with the grandpa/granny groupe, how wonderful to be that active in your 60's and 70's. Glad to hear the bad experience turned out OK.