Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Letter from my foster child

I received a letter from Kor, my foster child in Cambodia.
you can enlarge to click the letter
It tells their condolence to people in Northern Japan suffered from Tsunami and followed nuclear power plant accidents.
It was very neat and best-laid letter, and well constructed one, maybe original letter should be prepared by a staff, however, I was pleased to see that was written in Cambodian and my foster kid Kor wrote it.
They must learned at school about Tsunami but, who cares in Cambodia about it they never seen or met Tsunami.
My foster kid put an effort to condolence to us with his imagination and learned knowledge.
I imagine he wrote it in his home under the dark lantern after the school, or after the help with farm work with his family.

For a while, it is a shame I did not write a words to him, without a communication, it exists no-relationship.
We never met each other, but he reminds always me we are connected, and I feel happiness.

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