Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Diving in Brunei

Kapalai resort Malaysia Sabah
Do you know where is Brunei ?  It is the 3rd biggest island in south Asian sea, and it is occupied by 3 area, upper part is Malaysia Sabah, 2nd is Brunei Kingdom, and the 3rd is Indonesia, Kalimantan.


We flied from Haneda airport in Tokyo, not from Narita international airport,to Kotakinabal, state capital of Sabah Malaysia. This is my first time to exit Japan from Haneda.
air ticket from Haneda to Kotakinabalu
Why I am crying Haneda ?  Since, it was domestic airport so far, but recently it started international services with regular bases.
We can save time and cost to reach, for instance, this time we arrived Haneda on the way back at 23:10, we can take the last train or mono-rail to get back to home, imagine, if it is Narita, we must stay somewhere around airport since it is too far to get back to the home.

Sipadan in Brunei is the very famous diving point among the divers in the world,
because of big fish, such as a flock of bigeye king fish, barracuda, shark, turtle, etc. It fascinates all of world divers so much, it ruined the sea environment
and as a results, Malaysia government shut the island from them.
3 years of patience could open the gate to Sipadan island again, with limitation number up to 120 divers a day, and an accommodation ban.
This island is the crest height of 500m undersea volcano, under water current hits this small mountain from Indonesian sea, big fish come aboard on this current. Which means, for the divers we must aboard the same current.
green sea turtle
We call it drift diving, once we ride on the current, it is easy, no swim, no fin kick, when we come up to water surface, it waits our boat who is tracking our breath babble, how easy.
We could dive here 8 times, we are lucky, sometimes it can not be done for congestion.

Our hotel is built on the water not land nor island, just on the sea.
It has no TV, telephone, air conditioning, glass windows. Usually we open all wooden blind while we are in. Gentle wind blows through, it is really sea breeze.
It is not wet wind, nor humid, it is not like an air from air conditioner, nor cool wind from the mountain, it is gentle, natural, not too cool, but very very comfortable.
You can not resist soaked with a feeling of happiness, and fell asleep.
It is like a paradise, but problem is there is nothing to do  but diving.
I talked to my wife it is so nice to stay, she said, what the hell for non-divers, such place with no shopping, no visiting place, no TV, forget about Sipadan.

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