Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Back to Papua Newguinea

We are back to Tawalli Resort in Papua New guinea, where is the most east end of  Papua main island. It's terminal end is called east cape.
Last year in same time in Feb. we visited here for our first time to dive.
It takes 7hrs flight to Port Moresby from Narita, and transfer to Arotau local air port for one hour flight, and then, we are carried to the seaport by surface transit,
it took two hours, and finally small boat took us to the final destination Tawalli Resort.  Yes, it is really a long way.
But we have reward, which are beautiful sea, various rich corrals, colorful tropical fish and friendly local people.
Let me introduce you our diving team, named Grand Pa and Ma Divers Club, members are age 75, and next is 70, 69, 68, 61, 52, and 40. Most of them started diving to take C card (Certification for diving) after age 65.

Water transparency is amazingly clear, some one said repeatedly, 'Hey this is like an aquarium' , it is something wrong, an aquarium imitates this scene, and fish are observing us in contrast with an aquarium.
We enjoy an aquarium to remind or imagine how nice to see this beautiful underwater scene at our home. But here, fish, they are enjoying seeing we are diving, since this is their world.
We stayed here and everyday we left 8:00 in the morning by boat and back at 4:00 in the evening, it means 8 hours were on the boat and under water.
It was enjoyable week.

This time, I would like to introduce not only diving, but old caves where the last day of our holiday, we visited on short excursion.
It was found a piles of human sculls,most of skulls have holes in the top or side.
Holes told the fatal wound on the head.
A hundreds of skull were supposed to be warriors conquered by tribes, it is said sometimes, it was eaten.
It is not for appetite, but it is believed conqueror can obtain the power of defeated warrior, when it was mail warrior.
The most surprising fact is there is not only two caves which we visited, but there must be others, but at this moment it is not well studied or found.
Two caves we visited were natural limestone caves, there is no sign or any special notice at the entrance, no one can find without a guide.
However it was located close to the small village, the path to the cave is used as local school rout.
Detail report is shown in this in-flight magazine, which was found unexpectedly in the return flight to Japan. Click here for article.

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