Monday, June 18, 2012

Diving in the rain at Miyakojima

It is rainy season in Japan, it starts early in southern islands. We were south of Okinawa island, named Miyako island which is in between Okinawa and Taiwan.
From here, Taiwan is much closer than Okinawa.
It was our hope that the rainy season here is over when it was declared starting rainy season in mainland Japan, which is usual pattern.
However, it looks different this year, we were in mid of the season, it rains every day, it comes pouring high waves.
We don't have any choice, we have to embark on the ocean, since we have chartered 5 roomed yacht.
I have never been diving with boat crusing, this time, we took catamaran yacht that can provide 4 rooms for divers, and one room for crew.
We had two crews, Captain, and Jack-of-all-trade who prepares all meals during our stay. He is a skilled cook, waiter, bartender, dish washer, sweeper, and of course diving guide. Everybody said we want to take him back to our house, as a house-boy.

Under the rain cloud, we got diving into the sea, with little light of the Sunshine, it was not blight in the water, but not so bad.
Water is clisp clear in the sea, it was not affected by the rough waves of the sea, tropical fish are enjoying the life as usual.
People says the reason why water around Miyakojima is so clear is because they don't have any river in the island which wash down the trash into the sea.
It rains year-round and rain stain into the earth, basic part of island is made from corral, which filter through the water. There is a pure water pool under the whole island, islanders draw water from the earth.
This is water rich island here,we must thank to the nature.

Divers who each have pleasure to dive, such as, one takes the photo of fish,
one enjoys seeing under sea terrain, one loves weightlessness in the water who is me.
Since I am presbyopia,I need reading glass in the sea to enjoy seeing small fish or creature, some of undersea photo mania persue very small creature with big camera, and saying what a beautiful small organisms.
Maybe so, but I prefer to see the photo they took with long endurance to have a good shot.

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