Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tawali Resort in Papua New Guinea for the third time

Again, we came back to Tawali Resort in Papua new Guinea Milen Bay.

(you can see Milen Bay map here)It is quite a journey to get there but it is reward enough, wow, we watched 
a whale swimming on the water, our boat goes with it for while to conform.
It was really exciting view.
Every morning and evening when we goes out to the diving or back to the resort hotel, dolphins greet us they are living at outside edge of the pier, and the house reef is worthwhile with thousands of clown fish as well as large groupers etc. It habitats a napoleon fish under the rock which is seen from hotel deck, we can say hello to him when we drop from the wharf at the dock, there is a ladder down.
In other dive resort, we must rocked the boat a long time to meet him.
you can not imagine it is a house reef.
I met huge Napoleon fish which was like a wall standing in front of me.

This time, I experienced with my first time a dive with decompression stop alarm.
What is decompression stop alarm ?
Risk for diving are two, the first, we should watch the air residual which is easy to understand we watch air residual meter all the time while in the water, and then, we have to watch decompression which should not be exceeded.
The most dangerous part of diving is nitrogen bubbling, usually breathing from air tank in the under water pressure, nitrogen rate in the blood is increasing.When it exceed certain amount it will be a nitrogen bubble, it is cause of diver's sickness. 
We have been informed that performing a safety stop allows us to slowly eliminate nitrogen.  A safety stop assists the body in eliminating nitrogen rapidly.
Bubbling does not occur in a diver under pressure, it only occurs when the pressure is reduced "too much".  Once bubbling occurs, gas elimination is reduced.  This is because the driving force for nitrogen elimination has diminished.   The bubble now has to be reabsorbed - which can be a time consuming process. 
To manage decompression, every diver wears a dive-computer, which tells
we can stay in this water depth for certain min. it cannot be exceeded.
If it exceeds, computer tells warning you must ascend to safety depth and required min. to stay. 
Maybe I did not manage my diving the depth or  ascending speed adequately.

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