Thursday, July 4, 2013

Diving in Okinawa

Okinawa prefecture is consisted with many isles and islands, this time we visited Tokashiki island in Kerama island group which is located in between Japan and Taiwan. Around 20 years ago, it was just after taking a Diving license, I have visited here.
Please see a Map here, enjoy seeing the exact location with zooming up the map.
From my house, it takes 2 hours flight to Okinawa from Kobe Airport, and then take a boat from Tomari sea port (Okinawa) to Tokashiki island which takes 1 hour. It is easy to go.
While Kobe was still in rainy season when I left, it was over there in Okinawa. it is really in mid of hot humid summer.
Remembering the experienced diving of 20 years ago, I went into the sea with a great expectation.
The landscape in the sea was completely different from that time.
Coral reef stretching like that flower garden, in full sea floor, was gone without a trace. Many fish such as butterfly herding at a flower garden is absent. Rising sea temperature over ten years, I've heard of Okinawa coral region died, it was much worse than I imagined.
Ocean floor is filled with debris of dead coral.

However, seeding of new coral was also seen here and there, young coral are starting play supple. I felt signs of develop into coral reefs, as the old over a long time from now.
There I was able to see the rise and fall of nature, violently and patiently. I saw a figure like transmigration of our life.
Only water was clear clean and transparent,unchanged as old days.

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