Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Diving in Tufi, Papua Nuginia

It takes only an hour from PortMolesby international airport to Tufi,
please find Tufi location from attached map, Tufi airport has only steady runway not paved, no control tower, no airport building.
The plane lands like this way.
A track car from our hotel come in directly to the airplane and unload the luggage. We can walk to the hotel it takes 10 minuets from the air plane. Maybe I guess this is the most convenient diving hotel in the world. We have visited a few locations in Papua Nyuginia, this is our first time in Tufi,which is located the most
western part of the country.
Usually,we must take a long drive from the local airport to the diving spot, such as Tawari resort, it takes 7 hours flight from Tokyo, 1 hour local flight, 3 hours drive, and one hour boating, always we are exhausted by the time it arrives.
Tufi is different. Problem is they don't fly every day, but Mon. wed. and Friday only. The only flight from Tokyo to PortMolesby goes on Saturday only, there is no connecting flight to Tufi on Sunday.
This time we chartered the plane. It was worth for it.

Tufi resort hotel is the same as other resort in Papua, guest rooms are cottage with log house, air conditioner is facilitated, and hotel is managed by Auzi.
No one expected the meals are delicious, but our expectation was betrayed in a good way. It was very good, and gave us the enjoyable one week stay.

We surprised to have a first dive with it's sea transparency, I am sure it must be over 40 meters, density of fish abundance of fish types, and
untouched corals.
This is the best of best diving spot in my diving experience. Every spot of diving during our stay for a week, there was no disappointment even once it is amazing. Every diving was satisfactory.

Last day, we have visited the tribe village nearby to see people's daily life by boat. At the entrance of the village,
they provided a canoe transportation service which two young villager paddling for 30 min.from there to their place.
It was a kind of show for the visitors, such as welcome dancing, tattooing which mother usually do it to the daughter, making a fire by rubbing the wood, extracting a starch from sago palm, etc.
We enjoyed the souvenir shopping which they made in the life of daily living.

It was journey which all participants enjoyed 120% satisfaction,
we said each other, we must come back next year.

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