Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Again Tufi Diving in Papuanyuguinea

cabbage coral
It has passed 10 years since we first came to Papua New Guinea from 2006. Gradually it looks changing the life of the people, town is developing,but it goes slow.
It has a small population of about 7.8 million people, yet no less than 820 (wow) different languages are spoken. English, Pidgin and Motu are the official languages of the region.
GDP per person is reported around $2,283 which is almost 20% of world average. Major industry is producing Copra,Coffee, Cocoa, and Copper, it is called 4C.
Recently, it has developed mining industry, such as  gold, petroleum oil, and copper, it supports 70% of total country's export.

It is a nation remains largely uncanvassed and shrouded in mystery. It is not until visitors travel to this remote country that its natural beauty and cultural vibrancy come to life.
Especially with unique coral reef, and unusual fish species, the region's stunning underwater landscapes captive divers like me.

We started visiting PNG(Papua Nyuguinea) from 2006, first 3 consecutive years we stayed Loloata, a small island close to Port Moresby where is the capital city of the country.
Then,we moved to Twari resort at Alotau facing to the Milne bay to pursue more clear water and rich coral and revisit also 3 consecutive years(2011 to 2013) we stayed at Twari resort.
And, This is our 3rd visit to Tufi resort facing Solomon sea, from 2014.we came back for it's magical power of beautiful ocean and coral.  Transparency of the ocean, abundance of various kinds of corals and fish never disappoint our expectation, always give us full satisfaction.

In order to obtain such beautiful ocean gift, it requires some sacrifice to reach, the traffic. Once a week direct flight from Tokyo to Port Moresby is available, but connecting flight to Tufi is not ready on the day of arrival, we must hire charter for our self.
This is adventure flight with small air plane, landing on the sand beach. See this movie showing the landing.

It was like a dream, when we were in underwater world, breathless scenes and sites we see.
There are a lots of beautiful diving spot, each spot was given a name, such as, shark tip, veal's reef, honey moon reef, cyclone, etc. This time, they took us to try new nameless spot, on our last dive. It was nice reef, calm, quiet, and like coral flower garden,
and they gave us naming right this spot, we named  'Hiro's reef' which is from may name Hiroaki.

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