Sunday, July 31, 2016

Diving at New Britain Island, Walindi resort Papua

like a flower garden in the water
July in the New Britain isle in Papua New guinea is a beginning of dry season and it is supposed to be the best for diving since the weather and sea condition is calm.
5000KM from Tokyo
This time,we left the main Island of Papua to the biggest isle in this country, which is New Britain Island, facing the pacific ocean. It takes 1 hour from Port Moresby international airport to Hoskins. Due to the wildcat strike of the pilot union of the Airline many flights to various local destination were canceled.
But we were lucky, after the long and tough negotiations effort, at the last moment, we could obtain the remaining final tickets for our group. It starts like full of thrill.
new Britain island
Difficulty of the journey gives us more joy when we reach the destination. We must put up various pain such as long,tough, expensive trip and fear of malaria,but patience is rewarded.
Under the water world in Walindi resort is the really the best place,we have dived for more than 10 years in Papua Newguinea, this diving spots is the best. Water cleanness, thickness of the fish, and many kinds of species of fish, all are very nice.
Herd of barracudas come very close to us and round and round around us, some of them greets us doing eye contacted.
We are watching them and they are also watching us with great curiosity.
Not only in the water but also,in the jungle, we had a short excursion to see firefly tree.  One hour rough road drive in the jungle takes us to the firefly tree, which has a lot of small fireflies are flashing light, at first, it flashes individually, but soon after, they begin light in sync, and then it light in sync with group. It is just like an illumination of Christmas tree, it is astonishing sight to see.
Another excursion takes us to the river, but running water is hot water, amazingly this rich flow is all hot water. Everybody enjoyed natural jacuzzi with cool beer to hand.
When we started this diving team 10 years ago, age structure of the team was 58 - 69, and now it increased year by 10-years-old.
I am wondering how far we can go dive with this wonderful team members.


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